Watching This Made Me Say “Wow!”.. Know Why..

Are you fun of making experiments? Some people are very curious that they tend to experiment some things just to get some answers. Ofcourse, how will you know the answers if you don’t try?  In this video, you will witness a lot of amazing experiments that can make you say “Wow!”. You might wanna try some of these at home but make sure you do it with precaution.

In this video are 10 experiments that could amaze you. See how science can change and make things possible. Do you love science or do you hate it back when you are still at school? In this video, you’ll come to love science and making experiments. Discover how to explode things, make an egg get inside a bottle hole, make a balloon inflate inside a bottle, and other things that science can do.

Youtube / CrazyRussianHacker

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