Can Wearable Tech Revamp Mobile Payments? Watch The Video.

I remember the days when we didn’t have such mobile payment technology – we just had some bills and change in our pockets. We thought it was simple. Dropping the coin, asking for the change, maybe you were just shortchange for the bus fare… Then we got credit cards. We still do, and some of them support touch-pay feature. Then they introduced NFC technology. It’s somehow cool and whatnot – maybe just the way it sounds, who knows. Now, we are in this era where we can now actually use our wristbands that make purchases, carry IDs and personal health information. This is newer than touch-pay and NFC. Paying for our bread and coffee is now a matter of showing your wrist. Well I still think that my childhood idea where we can just make payments with eye contact and fingerprint combined is cooler than this wearable technology 🙂

In this video below, Adam Nanjee, head of the FinTech cluster at MaRS, talks about how wearable tech will impact the wallet from payments to identity. We Are Wearables rallies the tech community together to learn, discuss and celebrate the growing wearable technology space. Their aim is to collectively foster adoption and facilitate innovation in the wearable tech space. This includes supporting those already working in wearable tech within the city as well as encouraging and inspiring new projects, partnerships, apps, content, experiences, and users. They welcome startups, entrepreneurs, investors, brands, marketers, advertisers, developers, designers and enthusiasts to join the movement. Together, We Are Wearables! We Are Wearables are currently in Toronto and Chicago.

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