How Animals Eat Their Food… It’s Not What You Think. (Explained)

The culture of table etiquette may have originated from the Brits? Well I am not sure where these guys are from, but this video strikes a chord with many who are looking for a laugh for a few reasons:

1. contrasting “dichotomous” characters (the juxtaposition between the normal character calmly going about the task of completing his meal and the apparent wierdo trying desperately to unsettle the other and failing, despite many attempts, is totally absurd)

2. the subject matter – it presents a common everyday activity that does not quite go as you would expect

3. the setting captures the eye with the vibrant red tablecloth

4. the character, an oddball actor, really goes for it and doesn’t hold back

5. it is an animal video (because hey, people really like animal videos these days)

6. The creator of this skit reveals astute knowledge of animal behaviour through observation and replication that hits the mark

7. the soundtrack – sounds that simply make you laugh regardless of any visual complement

These are just a few of the reasons that this video is so enjoyable. Ultimately, though, what makes this work is an inductive process whereby many elements come together to form a cohesive whole of comedic delight. Try taking one of these elements out and I wonder if this would still rate so highly on the the hilarity scale? Regardless, this is just pure clean entertainment that provides no reason to hold back on the laughter due to offence or misunderstanding. If you want to laugh, watch it again and enjoy!!

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