My Summer Internship With Zoo Animals… Look At These Lovely Big Cats!

How would you like to have your internship at a zoo? It will be fun and rewarding! With all the animals surrounding you, I can guarantee an experience of a lifetime! The pictures below are pictures taken during an internship at a popular zoo. Look at how they trained the zoo animals! They are not just ordinary animals, these are wild animals and the furthest thing you can find from domesticated pets. These big cats are so cute in despite of their sizes.

Look at how they act inside the zoo and you’ll be amazed. As you all know, these big cats are very hard to train but in this zoo, they were able to do so. It takes talent, understanding and patience!


zoo animals 1


zoo animals 2


zoo animals 3


zoo animals 4


zoo animals 5


zoo animals 6


zoo animals 7


zoo animals 8


zoo animals 9


zoo animals 10


zoo animals 11


zoo animals 12


zoo animals 13


zoo animals 14


zoo animals 15


zoo animals 16


zoo animals 17


imgur / CatsAnonymous

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