Plastic Cup Changing Character – Have You Ever Thought Of Doing This?

Ever wanted to enjoy a beverage and try out a new hairstyle or clothing option at the same time? Well thanks to this creative innovator, you can try out different options. I wonder where this idea came from? Was someone doodling on a cup one day and thought, “well how can I take my art to the next level?”.

Cup With Personality

My favourite option would be the clean shaven, short hairstyle with the suit. One can take this even further and put a picture of their own face and body on the innermost cup!! However, I guess some of the magic would be lost on some of the clothing options. I guess you would have to use a pretty transparent liquid as well. I’m going to actually label this as “fun on a Friday night” 🙂 However, if you’re going to try this at home, remember to use a permanent marker! Post your own creations if you’d like.

Download video: MP4 format

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